What Makes This Project Unique

Current Scholarships are based on arigorous selection process and are mostly funded by Governments and or private grantors. This rigorous process is a limiting factor and promotes unequal opportunities.
The World Scholarship Foundation can bring the current scholarship models to another level. Based on the steady rise of the value of its main cryptocurrency SCHO 2.0, the system will be a sustainable model to reward every student based on their scholar notes and other performance factors without being selective.
Everyone will have a chance for rewards, whether it be a note of C-or an A+, a professional certificate graduate, or a PhD. Poor performance will be rewarded with less and better performance with more. All forms of successful education are valuable for society and should be allowed to be rewarded in some form.
This model will provide opportunities for every student irrespective of their social-financial class and situation. This system will encourage students from all over the world to perform better in school by opening an opportunity for them to be incentivized with SCHOUSD based on their performance. The performance factor becomes important as students will make better decisions in their choices of Postsecondary Education studies and eventually become valuable contributors in their societies.
On the other hand, the cost of post-secondary education is on the rise and scholar debt levels are increasing. The foundation‘s System will allow students to be incentivized with SCHOUSD which in return can be exchanged to Fiat or other cryptocurrencies, allowing a return on their scholar performance which can then be used to pay off education fees or debt.