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Rôle of NFT’s in The SRS

The World Scholarship Foundation has decided to integrate the use of NFT’s in its SRS. To be more specific, when new users register to the SRS, an avatar will be minted onto their account. Those avatars are called Scholaroids.
Scholaroids will evolve throughout the course of the student’s studies. Features will be unlocked with accumulated grades, passed semesters and earned degrees. Each are original and never one will be exactly the same.
Once a student decides to end his education career, he can decide to sell his Scholaroid or keep it.
When someone purchases a Scholaroid, he will be able to link it to his SRS account. If a student already has their Scholaroid, an additional Scholaroid will give more earning power on their scholar performance. The extra earning power will depend on the maturity level of the purchased Scholaroid.
If a person, who has a past education background from recognized instution and never had an SRS account, purchase a mature Scholaroid from a previous SRS student, that person becomes eligible to collect rewards from his completed years of studies. The allowed redeemable years will be established by the maturity level of the purchased Scholaroid.