The Major Problem We Intend to Solve

Each year the price of education is increasing. Student loan debt statistics in 2020 hit a record of $1.6 Trillion in the USA. Most students have to distribute their time between their studies and low-paid jobs, still end in gup with huge debts for their education. The high fees of education is causing age neral lack of motivation among students. Students need an extra push in the right direction. In the recent years have seen the rise of fintech startups dedicated to student loan financing, but this model remains a loan and is unavailable to the majority of the world. We think that the loan approach is morally wrong and that everyone should have the opportunity to educate him/herself without the risk of defaulting ona huge debt.
Even younger students in high school are looking for some form of motivation. Many are already looking at ways to earn money and are drag ged into minimum wage jobs. Many will continue on that path and never graduate. Education should b e rewarding for the younger generations. It requires a tremendous amount of effort, sacrifice a n d time for one to have go o d grades at any education level. We must look at education as a valuable form of work that is beneficial for societies. Education should be seen by a Government as an investment for its society that will promote a strong and prosperous economy including a general sense of wellbeing among stits population. It will promote innovation, create wealth and abundance, prompting a fast pace evolution, steering humanity in the right direction by generating an educated society that will be able to solve the greatest challenges that the human race is facing, fast.
On the other hand, students have a lot of advantages in getting introduced to the usage , development of blockchain and crypto space which is currently not being maximized. This is due to a lack of available information and capital to acquire assets in cryptocurrency.