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Questions You Might Ask

On which exchange can I purchase Scholarship Coin?

▶SCHO 2.0 is currently listed on Vindax, Dex-Trade Finexbox.

How can Scholarship Coin be mined?

▶Scholarship Coin can be mined via POW or POS. This means you can either have a mining machine hooked up on a SCHO 2.0 mining pool OR hold some SCHO 2.0 in a staking pool to mine it.

What's next for the Scholarship Coin Foundation?

▶Scholarship Coin Foundation is currently working on its Staking system and an NFT sale. On the other hand, the foundation is working simultaneously on the development of the reward scholarship system. In general, another set of priorities is to grow a presence within the cryptocurrency community and continuously raise awareness within education systems across the globe through various streams.