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NFTs - Scholaroid Sale

The World Scholarship Foundation is launching a sale of a fully matured set of Scholaroid version 2022.
The date of the sale is April 1, 2022. A total of 20 000 Scholaroids will be available for Minting.
Each minted Scholaroid are custom and come with various features such as hats, hairstyle, clothe, weapon and background. All are different.
With these Scholaroids, once the SRS is ready, people will be able to link their Scholaroid to their SRS account. If a student already has their Scholaroid, an additional Scholaroid will give more earning power on their scholar performance.
If a person, who has a past education background from recognized instution and never had an SRS account, purchase a mature Scholaroid from a previous SRS student, that person becomes eligible to collect rewards from his completed years of studies. The allowed redeemable years will be established by the maturity level of the purchased Scholaroid.