Scholarship coin is an initiative that believes every student in the world deserves access to proper education, no matter their social-economic status, gender, race, age, or religion. The foundation has one main goal; to motivate students to stay in school, to up their grades, and acquirement of diplomas or certificates certified by reputed and recognized educational institutions across the world by incentivizing them for their performance.
Students who succeed in scholar systems spend a lot of time studying and working hard. This world is run by a money system that rewards people for their time spent working for businesses, then it should be the same for everyone who spends time working hard to succeed in the education systems around the world. The Scholarship Foundation has the intention of rebalancing the nefarious social condition imposed on students who want to pursue their dreams with proper education by promoting education as an earning opportunity rather than afinancial burden for their future.
We hope to solve the problems of millions of students and in turn, allow them to be come problem solvers. Never in history than now do we need everyone as much as possible to contribute to their society to overcome the challenges that the human race is facing.
This project is a bridge to better days, a bridge towards the future, a bridge towards accessible education for all. With this in mind, we work to put smiles on each other's faces and make our world a better place.