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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is changing our day to day lifestyle. For example, the traditional means of doing transactions have drastically undergone major change s in a short time span. Online or cashless transactions are now possible with improved security and less risk. People have gradually come to accept and appreciate the importance of cryptocurrency. Yet, there are still endless opportunities available in blockchain development.
The education sector is one of such places. Many people want to engage in education a n d educational services but are hindered due to their financial situation. The ability of a student to pursue his academic dream, professional certification that would allow them to reach their life goal can b e thwarted without adequate financial resources. Many will drop out at their early age because they need to work in order to contribute to their household income. Some will get involved in criminal activities to suite these needs.
In 2018 alone, 258.4 million individuals (children, adolescents, and youth) were out of school across the globe. In a general manner, it all come s down to one reason, money. This is the root cause of social imbalance, inequalities, and the never-ending increasing gap between the rich and the poor in this world.
We believe that for a student to excel, an enabling environment must b e created that would help channel his concentration. This includes eliminating financial constraints which will mostly be the greatest hurdle in his life.
The goal of the Scholarship Coin project is aimed at creating a scholarship model that will encourage students based on their academic performance in their recognized institution. This system is dedicated to providing opportunities for every student irrespective of their religion, gender, social-financial, country origin, age and social-economic class. This system will encourage students from all over the world to perform better in school by opening an opportunity for them to be incentivized with the World Scholarship Foundation’s Stable Coin that will b e worth $1 USD which in return can b e exchanged into Fiat or other cryptocurrency. This model will allow a student to gain a return on their scholar performance which can then be used to pay off education fees, debt, other expenditures or even save or invest for their future.